Why Pick Costa Rica for Your Yoga Retreat?


Costa Rica has long been a destination for yoga practitioners from around the world. Yogis seeking to deepen their practice have found Costa Rica to be a place where they can connect more strongly with nature and with the life breath of pranayama to develop a greater sense of inner peace and compassion.

There are many reasons why Costa Rica has become this destination and has continued to draw yogi adventurers. And why Florblanca is the destination of choice for so many.

Our country has intentionally cultivated and preserved our beautiful land and sea and offers the space to find a deeper connection with our natural world. At Florblanca here in the Nicoya Peninsula, we have jungles, oceans, beaches, and mountains all converging in an incredible experience of textures, contours, flora, fauna, and wildlife. Our open-air dojo sits at the center of the Florblanca experience and gives you the space to breathe in all this life force surrounding and enveloping you.

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The pura vida way of life here is present in every moment, and with every person you meet. We find joy in the everyday moments of life, we take them in at our own pace, and we share these with our community of guests and locals.

Costa Rica is at the very top of the Happy Planet Index – and has been since 2009 – which is a measurement of how well nations are doing at achieving long, happy, sustainable lives. This means that our way of life here in Costa Rica results in high life expectancy and wellbeing with a much smaller ecological footprints compared to other countries. And this innate feeling of happiness is shared and widespread among the guests and travelers who visit here.

Our area in the Nicoya Peninsula is also one of nine Blue Zones around the world, home to the world’s longest-lived people. Our open-air lifestyle, connection to nature, sense of family and community, and farm-to-table nourishment are among some of the aspects that contribute to this status. Guests often experience a sense of peace and connection during their visit which keeps them coming back year after year.

But among all these wonderful reasons why Costa Rica attracts yogis from around the world, none is so strong for Florblanca as the presence of Stefano Allegri, our yoga teacher who is at the very heart and center of our community.

We invite you to watch Stefano’s story in our Where We Belong Series. He is so incredible and his spirit and energy are joyful and ever-present.

“I practice because I am already free inside. And joy is already in me. I do not practice to become free or joyful. The practice does not make me reach something. Maintaining a smile on your face, it’s because you’re free inside. Practice must be a celebration.”

We can’t wait to see you for your next yoga adventure or yoga retreat in Costa Rica! Visit our yoga page to learn more about our studio and reach out to us for more informaiton on hosting a retreat with us.


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