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Florblanca Resort is located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, on the western coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. Our ocean breezes help keep guests cool and refreshed throughout the year. We do have clear and predictable weather patterns and it will be helpful for you to become familiar with these in preparation for your stay.

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November through mid April

These are warm, sunny comfortable months. We experience warm days with cool offshore breezes, cooler nights, and lush greenery throughout the Nicoya Peninsula area. You may have the occasional rain shower, but typically these months are full of sunshine and clear skies. Although there is always some humidity in our part of Costa Rica, these months are the driest of the year.

Late April through August

We experience some rainfall during these months, generally during the evening or nighttime. This means our lush and vibrant landscape springs back to life. It’s a beautiful time of year and travelers even get to take advantage of fewer crowds in the area and lower prices. Florblanca even offers Green Season Specials to help you take advantage of these lower prices. This is a wonderful time to visit Florblanca. While it is still considered our green season and rains can be expected, you still get to experience plentiful sunshine.

September through October

Rains tend to become heavier during these months but it is a great time to book a more extended vacation, when you don’t have to rely as much on perfect weather for your trip. You will still get some gorgeous days, the Green Season special is still in effect at Florblanca so you can save some money, and you can experience the area as a local does in the “off” season. Kick back in your hammock, get deep into a good read as you relax to the sound of rain on your tin roof. These months are beyond relaxing and peaceful at Florblanca.

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