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Yoga has been part of the daily routine of Florblanca since our opening, evidenced by our seaside open-air yoga dojo, a centerpiece of the property. Santa Teresa, and Florblanca specifically, exemplifies an active lifestyle, and our exceptional yoga classes will open the door to new experiences by stretching your mind, body and soul.

We offer a variety of classes for all skill levels, open to the public!

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Florblanca offers a variety of yoga classes for all skill levels with Vinyasa Krama style. Vinyasa means connection of movement with breath. Krama refers to steps or stages. The combination of words then, vinyasa krama means wise progression, and, in reference to yoga poses, it’s the steady, coordinated movement of poses through stages going from simple poses to a more advanced one. It can also be transliterated more poetically into “the art of sequencing” or an individualised systematic approach.

Yoga schedule

Our Yoga Schedule

Our instructors are internationally trained and invite you to join them for a morning oceanfront practice.

What You Need to Know

All yoga classes are walk-in and open to the public. Minimum age of 18 years old to participate in classes (children younger than 18 are not accepted). Payment is accepted on-site.

We also are happy to arrange private sessions for groups, couples or individuals. We provide yoga mats, straps, and blocks for everyone.

About Stefano

Stefano Allegri began the deep exploration of “mind body” years ago through the world of marital arts. Stefano studied for more than ten years with Enzo Montanari, a legendary Sensei of Karate-Do. He received the second degree black belt of Karate-Do Shotokan style and became an international instructor of this ancient practice.

Stefano’s love of nature, and respect for a country that had no army, moved him to Costa Rica where he took the first steps in Asana Yoga. The passion for union between opposite energies brought Stefano to Bali in 2003 to explore his first teacher training in Ubud. For two months, he practiced morning, noon and night with master Luise Serss. In 2005, he travelled to India where his Mysore and Ashtanga studies unfolded with Sre. K. P. Jois. In the last decade, he has spent time in California and Colorado practicing and learning from Master Tim Miller and Master Richard Freeman. In 2013, Stefano returned to India, and was eager to go deeper with one of the most recognized yoga masters in the world, Mathew Sweeney.

Stefano loves working with the anatomy and alignment of the body. His yoga practice is both on and off the mat; Stefano lives yoga.

Stefano Allegri
Kristin, yoga

Yin Yoga with Kristin Lockwood

Most workouts only target half the body, the yang muscular half. In Yin Yoga, we slow everything down and allow the work to sink into the deeper yin tissues; stretching, strengthening and revitalizing the joints, fascia and connective tissues. Yin yoga is designed to be a perfect complement to all the modern day yang workouts, lifestyle and travel and a powerful way to find balance in your body, mind and emotions.


Stefano’s classes are a journey of the mind and the body and he always teaches with passion, joy and a fabulous sense of humor. In his own words,

“The expression of your face, is the expression of your practice…keep always the sense of humor.”

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