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“For me it’s a wild place that calls you out of yourself and into the world full of wonder”

As the staff photographer for Florblanca, Santa Teresa has been my hidden treasure for years. This community is special to say the least. With my boys growing up and time slipping by, I knew now is the time for them to experience Costa Rica..

Nicoya Peninsula is a place of abundance, it’s one of only a few. It’s a place where you can fish in the morning, eat fresh Ceviche for lunch before watching the Sunset and then do it all over again. I remember this hide-and-seek jungle book that I had as a kid and trying to find all the camouflage animals hidden within its pages, the natural beauty of this place in many ways like that children’s book for me. It’s a wild place that calls you out of yourself and into a world full of wonder and discovery. John Muir said “of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of them are dirt”. In all my trips to Florblanca over the years I’ve always embodied a sense of adventure and beauty, but the images I brought home never felt full until now.


To see my boys in this environment I realised it was no longer just my story, it was now forever a part of my family. For them it was all about catching a wave, fishing or an iguana. For me it was always about capturing but sometimes the most important thing we can do is just to put the camera down and be present with the ones we love.



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