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“Costa Rica has taught me that happiness comes in the simplest of moments”

Costa Rica is a vast and wild place, with beauty in the freedom and energy of the land and its culture. Cody has found her life here, embracing Costa Rica in all its wildness and finding joy in nature, in her community, and within herself.

When Cody arrived in Costa Rica over 14 years ago, she came with a dream of exploring a new culture and a new environment. She was excited to learn a new language and to connect with nature through surfing and adventure.

Cody was graced with parents who cultivated in her a sense of discovery, of freedom, and of the importance of getting out in nature. She grew up surrounded by woods and water and the idea that exploring the world goes hand-in-hand with the best education. Her parents encouraged and supported her travels and, ultimately, her move to Costa Rica.

When she arrived in Santa Teresa, Cody immediately felt the wild and free energy of the place, a place where good health and happiness come from the earth and where connection comes from the community. Cody’s still here, all these years later, raising a family and living the pura vida life she dreamed about.

Moments of Joy

So many people travel to Costa Rica in search of the simplicity and beauty in life that Cody was able to find and that has kept her drawn to this place. With the ocean, the wildlife, healthy food, and a close knit community, she appreciates small moments of joy and happiness everywhere.

These moments are at the heart of the pura vida lifestyle. They come from living simply, from focusing on the things that really matter, and from doing work that ignites your passion. This is where happiness lives. And when you can tap into these moments and find the joy, the whole community thrives.

Energizing & Calming

By its very nature, Costa Rica inspires a life lived outdoors. In Santa Teresa, surfing is one of the main activities that draws locals as well as visitors from around the world. Cody has fallen in love with surfing since moving here and gets out on the water almost every day. For her, surfing is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of her life here. It’s both energizing and calming and brings both a sense of solitude and community.

With surfing, Cody finds time for herself which her dad always taught her was so important and so worth finding. But she also loves sharing the space with friends, neighbors, and staff – and sometimes guests! – from Florblanca.


Finding Balance

As the General Manager of Florblanca, Cody works alongside incredible staff members, some of whom have been there with her for over ten years. This community of dedicated staff are what makes Florblanca so special. They have a common bond and a common vision to bring the pura vida lifestyle to their guests.

Together, they blend aspects of luxury and adventure, of the familiar and the new. They have a clear sense of the core values of the resort and how to keep those consistent over time while also evolving to add new experiences.

These experiences range from rejuvenating spa treatments and one-on-one Pilates instruction to horseback riding in the mountains, ATV rides, and waterfall hikes. The Florblanca staff helps guests find the right balance of luxury and adventure all throughout their stay.

The essence of Florblanca is in its people and in its personality. This can’t be replicated in any other hotel or resort. And this is what keeps guests coming back year after year. Cody has such a passion for the Florblanca experience and how best to cater that for each of her guests.

Cody came here all those years ago and found her own essence and her own balance and has even found a whole new joy and love in life.


Leo & Kai

Cody is a mom now to twin boys, Leo and Kai. In 2019, they were just over a year old. And they have infused her world with a joy and happiness that can barely be expressed in words.

Though Cody has tapped into the essence of pura vida during her life here, the birth of Leo and Kai brought her an even greater sense of appreciation for what is important in life – what is really important – and how she can continue to make herself a better person.

As Leo and Kai run free on the beach most days and learn their first words in multiple languages, Cody is filled once again with love for Costa Rica and for the peace, the wildness, and the harmony that it offers for her and her family.


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