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It’s no secret that the environment is important to Florblanca, but we often get asked about what we are doing to help improve the beaches of Santa Teresa. The beautiful beaches of this community have gone through many stages since their “recent” introduction into the world 200 million years ago. Florblanca has only been around for 12 of those years, but in our time, we have made a huge impact on keeping the natural look alive. Two big ways include:

Donations to the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper

This is an organization whose mission is to monitor, protect, and restore water quality in the coastal watersheds and marine ecosystems through research, field work, education, and advocacy. Protecting the quality and quantity of water is extremely important not only for us, but the rest of the world as well. Everyone can relate to the desire for safe, available water. If you are interested in supporting this mission, visit our website to donate. Our goal in pairing with this organization is to keep the beaches and water clean and appealing for years to come.

Internal Trainings

Lastly, we believe that starting within our own resort can make a difference. This is why we created an internal training for employees that deals with various topics like environmental, occupational, and health needs within their profession. The training has improved our own employees’ awareness of what beautiful beaches look like and how we can start in our own backyard with maintenance on our grounds.

We appreciate your support to our resort and our efforts to maintain the aesthetic of our beautiful island for generations to come. We hope after you see these beaches, they hold a special place in your heart. To learn more about what we are doing to support the mission of clean beaches and clear water, visit our sustainability page.

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