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Florblanca Community
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Think Globally, Act Locally.

Hotel Florblanca continually strives to move towards sustainability and support within our own community, knowing that these efforts can have far reaching effects beyond Santa Teresa. The following are actions we are taking to make sure we continue to move in that direction:

  • Hotel Florblanca provides at least 110 jobs in the community, both directly with the resort and also through vendors we reply on for products, materials, and services. These jobs contribute to improving the local economy.
  • We have had the opportunity to collaborate on remodeling projects and maintenance of community buildings through the Volunteer Program we developed with our workers.

  • Taking into consideration the distances and difficulties that the people of Santa Teresa have to face in order to continue or embark on their education, we have created a Training Program for our employees that deals with various topics including environmental, occupational, health, etc. This Training Program is shared with the community and other organizations in town.

  • In response to the increasing cases of crime in the area, we developed the Hermosa Beach Security Project, which has been active since its creation in 2012, eliminating the insecurity and fear that have been associated with the area in the past and bringing this beautiful beach back to our visitors and neighbors.

  • We signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism as a sign of our commitment to our community and to developing a responsible tourism business. Learn more at http://paniamor.org/incidencia/pescnna.html.

  • Florblanca has been an active member of the Blue Flag Program since 2008. This program seeks to establish community organizations to comprehensively monitor the health quality of the beaches through water supply systems, proper waste disposal, and environmental education. Learn more at http://www.visitcostarica.com/ict/paginas/mapas/areasurf.asp.

  • We belong to the Environmental Committee of the Chamber of Tourism of Santa Teresa, developing recycling programs and training at the community level. The mission of this organization is to promote the area in conjunction with the development of the community by implementing a model of sustainable tourism. Learn more at http://visitmalpais.com/about-us.

Giving Back

During the time we have been working hand-in-hand with Santa Teresa and the surrounding area, we have had the chance to participate in very important organizations in the greater community. This interaction with the community has provided us with a great deal of information on its specific needs.

Through our activity, we determined that the most vulnerable social group is the one comprised of children and teenagers because of the economical and tourist development in the area. The community has not provided this youth with cultural and athletic programs to keep them away from risky situations brought by tourism to an area like ours. Our local government has failed to counteract with viable solutions to these problems so we took on the task of finding cultural and athletic organizations that have shown a very good performance level, and who also need to be acknowledged and supported. In addition, we support some environmental initiatives that had spent several years trying to carry out their plans but with difficulty due to a lack of funds.

We identified some environmental initiatives that have existed for several years trying to carry out their plans but the lack of funds has made it difficult.

What is the $5 check out program? This system consists of giving our guests the option of adding $5 to their final bill to be devoted to meeting some of the needs of these groups, however it is not enough to reach the established goals and that is why we want to share the projects we support and thus unite their efforts for growth. Below are the options:

  • Fundación Aprendiendo Unidos – This non-profit organization was born in March 2014 out of a desire to help school children in need from Santa Teresa and neighboring communities. They do this through our programs at the public schools: School Package, Healthy Snacks, English Language, Sports & Recreation, Arts & Sustainability Workshops, and Health Care & Advice. In 2015, we provided uniforms, school shoes and supplies for 70 children. There are currently 106 students participating in our weekly-based lessons and workshops, and 112 students are benefiting from the Healthy Snacks program daily.
  • Woman’s Soccer Team – Malpais Garabito-Puntarenas – Breaking the paradigms of traditional Costa Rican society, these girls met many challenges to move up the ranks in our national soccer league. In 2013, they became part of the Costa Rican Women’s Major League. Now their mission is to maintain their level, so they have organized many activities such as the “Shark fundraising Football Soccer School” for children in Malpais. Their job is to coach and teach kids between 5 and 12 years old. Funds raised are used for expenses such as nutrition and transportation of the team. Among their greatest need is the one of acquiring suitable uniforms and sport gear.

  • Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers – This organization is a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance (www.waterkeeper.org) a fast growing global network of more than 200 water organizations advocating for swimmable, drinkable and fishable waters around the world. They have started to work with the community and businesses regarding water quality in the area so they can best address and mitigate pollution issues. What they do?

    • Monitor, protect and restore water quality in Santa Teresa and Malpais, so future generations will be able to enjoy them!!

    • Provide free advice regarding residual water management which is one of the main sources of pollution of our coastal waters.

    • Educate and raise the community’s awareness on the need of understanding and improving our relationship with water.

    • Advocate for our waterways making sure that polluters revise and amend their practices!

For alternative ways of supporting us please ask at the front desk you can donate $1 -$2 – $5 -$10.