Farm to Table, Nectar, Florblanca




Farm to Table, Nectar, Florblanca
Farm to Table, Nectar, Florblanca
Farm to Table, Nectar, Florblanca
Farm to Table
Nectar Restaurant

We are lucky to live and work in one of the only Blue Zones on the planet, where people live longer lives due to healthy lifestyles. Our diet is a big part of the Blue Zone lifestyle and having access to local and natural products plays a major role in helping to keep us so healthy.

Fresh fruits, natural produce, and sustainably raised pork and chicken are just out our back door. Our chicken and pork come from the nearby town of Cobano, just 15 miles from Florblanca. The majority of our produce comes from Hacienda Okra, a hands on organic farm, just 5 miles from Florblanca.

In addition to using the fresh and delicious local products that we have access to, we also try to incorporate traditional Costa Rican recipes in our menu. The talented Costa Ricans on our kitchen team love to cook up their favorite plates, or the favorites of the parents and grandparents. From fresh ceviche to corn tortillas made from scratch, you will experience the authentic taste of the Nicoya Peninsula.

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