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Imagine crushing that wave with even more balance and control than ever before. You rip in, out, and around the waves of Santa Teresa with ease and confidence. This can be achieved with one small change in your daily routine – Pilates.

Before you discount the idea of doing Pilates each day, or even a few times a week – take a look at three of the major benefits it can have for you as a surfer.

1. Improve Core Strength

With improved core strength comes improved balance on the board. In Pilates, you will work on your balance and overall core strength through slow, controlled movements. Working all these muscles together will help you find your center and make that jump up on the surfboard even easier.

2. Improvement of sensorimotor skill

No, that was not a mistype! Sensorimotor skills are the mind body connection that allow you to move parts of your body together and react to environmental stimuli. Any surfer knows that shifting weight and strength between your upper and lower body is a huge part of staying balanced on the board. In Pilates, you will learn how to connect your mind and body so those rough and smooth waves will be a breeze for you.

3. Longer endurance

Think of the last time you were out surfing and as you kept going you wanted to work on moves longer, but your body became so fatigued that it was impossible to continue to focus. This problem can be solved by utilizing Pilates as you will learn how to use less energy through more thoughtful and intentional movements. Expending less energy through correct movements on the board will allow you to work much longer!

I hope by now you have realized that Pilates will help you immensely with your surfing skills! If you’re interested in starting, but are not quite sure how, look at joining one of our Pilates classes! These are offered multiple times during the day. If these don’t work for you or you want to see what it’s all about first, try watching a video from one of our instructors, for an introduction to a few Pilates movements. Check out Florblanca’s Pilates page to learn more or book a class online!

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