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Pilates Instructors at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Pilates at Florblanca
Florblanca Amenitites

Find your balance and harmony inside and out as you breathe, move, sweat and flow with Florblanca Pilates.

Our instructors invite all locals as well as all travelers to indulge in Pilates during their stay at Florblanca. Learn how to protect your body and better utilize your deep core muscles. You will feel taller, longer, leaner, and more connected to your body and inner strength.

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Our Pilates studio is is open to students of all levels and is fully equipped with Pilates apparatus. Private or semi-private classes are scheduled at your convenience. Newcomers will benefit from a personalized step by step introduction to the Pilates method, while more experienced students will get a chance to review their practice and work on more advanced exercises.

New to the Florblanca Pilates Studio – the Balanced Body Pilates Springboard! This is a piece of Pilates equipment that provides an invigorating full-body workout. With a Springboard, each limb works with its own spring. That means each limb works independently. This adds a significant coordination challenge, for the brain and for the body. It also makes the Springboard a great tool for working on imbalances. We have three Springboards in our studio allowing us to create tailored, fun and challenging classes each time!

Instructor Info:

Lucia Festa

At the age of 16, Lucia started practicing Pilates in small studio in her native city of Buenos Aires. As a sporty teenager, she loved moving but it was practicing Pilates that prompted her to study Physical Education and to become a Pilates Instructor. After completing her teacher training and whilst teaching Reformer group classes and circuit classes for individual clients, she realized how much she enjoyed helping people with their posture, alignment, and injury prevention. To offer her clients even more support Lucia decided to study physical therapy.

Lucia says: “During my five years of physiotherapy courses, I worked in various Pilates studios in Buenos Aires, and I found that my approach to Pilates was changing dramatically from a classical style to more therapeutic hands on work. Then, in the summer, I started visiting Santa Teresa to surf and teach Pilates. I always knew Santa Teresa was going to become my home. Once I completed my physiotherapy course, I headed straight back to this stunning beach to do what I love. Florblanca offers me the opportunity to work in the best location, a fully equipped ocean view studio, with an incredible team and family.”

Three years ago Lucia went back to the books to study Osteopathy and her dedication to her clients and love of Pilates, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy is clear to any person who is treated by her.

Physical Educator UNLP; Pilates Instructor PYP; Physical Therapist UAI; Master in Osteopathy EOM

Nadja Kolesnikoff 

Nadja is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor, with over 15 years of teaching experience. She is also a passionate surfer and has lived in Costa Rica full time for the past 14 years. She is originally from the rugged west coast of Canada where she fostered a great love of the outdoors and where adventure was always a part of her life – a natural athlete inspired by the natural elements.

Nadja says: “I have a contemporary approach to the Pilates method and I enjoy teaching so that students can enjoy movement and their bodies in a new or different way than they did before. In my classes, I like to combine  stretching and strengthening exercises to create a sense of balance in the body and mind. I get great satisfaction from working one-on-one with clients who have specific requirements or goals and just as well I teach a fun, flowing group class available to all levels of experience.”

Balanced Body Certified

Mav Wynn

Mav is a certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor and Level 3 Fitness and Personal Trainer who enjoys teaching one-to-one, duos and small group classes. She is a personable, patient and fun teacher who encourages clients to connect with their bodies and to move with precision and control. Mav imparts knowledge through sound teaching strategies and demonstration. 

She started practicing Pilates around nine years ago whilst preparing for her first ever half marathon having never run before. After struggling with a number of injuries, she enlisted the help of a personal trainer who, knowing of Mav’s dancing background, suggested she join a Pilates studio to complement her strength training.  And that was it – love at first practice!

Mav says: “Regular one-to-one and class tuition helped me understand the benefits of combining breathing, control and mind body connection to address muscle imbalances, improve my running performance and also provide the movement and alignment my body craved after many years of a desk-bound job. I progressed from mat to reformer classes and have been a dedicated Pilates student with hundreds of classes under my belt. After a successful 20-year career in financial communications, I am concentrating my professional focus entirely on training others in the Pilates-based method of exercise by teaching one-to-one and small groups. Teaching at Florblanca gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all walks of life and I get to share in their joy as they get stronger and stronger!”

STOTT PILATES® certified; Premier Global NASM certified; Member of REPs


For further information about our Pilates classes and studio, or to make an appointment, please contact Pilates@florblanca.com.

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