1 year ago

Always a Student

Everything is practice ~ Pelé Every year, Stefano dedicates time to studying with his yoga teachers.  He brings back with him his experience along with a fresh energy and a fresh, new beginner’s mind to share with his students. We’re excited to welcome Stefano back to Florblanca from this year’s yoga teacher training with Matthew Sweeney […]

1 year ago

Beginner’s Mind

Yoga, for me, is a mix between science and heart ~ Stefano Costa Rica is a special place to practice yoga.  We have a beautiful and natural landscape, a culture that embraces community, and visitors from around the globe who bring their unique worldview. The shala at Florblanca is our favorite place for yoga in […]

2 years ago

All the Best

Bit by bit, the world is being let in on our secret.  As writers and artists and chefs and surfers and vacationers come through Santa Teresa, they’re discovering the magic that makes us one of only five Blue Zones in the world. A Blue Zone is a place where residents live measurably longer lives. Researchers […]

3 years ago

The Path to Joy, Peace, and Freedom

Stefano Allegri is the yoga master at Florblanca.  We are incredibly lucky to have him in our lives, inspiring us to be our best, reminding us to live with awareness, and not to take ourselves too seriously. We caught up with Stefano recently and asked him about what yoga means to him and how he […]

3 years ago

Pilates and Yoga Everyday

The Pilates studio sessions and mat classes are integral to life at Florblanca.  With teachers who inspire us to discover new depths in our practice, we are honored to provide this service to our guests and our community here in Santa Teresa. Stefano Allegri leads our yoga program and we’re pleased to offer classes Monday […]

3 years ago

Stefano’s Yoga Journey in Bali

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few ~ Shunryu Suzuki Yoga is an evolution, an exploration, a journey.  It is a way to live your life each moment and each day. At Florblanca, we have the honor of practicing yoga with Stefano Allegri. He brings beauty and humor and joy […]

4 years ago

Life in the Moment

Happiness, knowledge, not in another place, but this place—not for another hour, but this hour ~ Walt Whitman Throughout his 64 years, Allen has experienced pure love and happiness in his family, fulfillment in his faith, and the insight to appreciate life as it exists in the moment. And all along the way, surfing – as an […]

4 years ago


The practice of yoga is more than a practice, it’s a lifestyle. What we learn on the mat helps us reconnect with our own nature and reflect that back out into the world.  ~ Kelly Jean Moore Yogis travel to Costa Rica from around the world to experience a place and time where the pura […]

4 years ago

A Balanced Life

Photo Credit: PIVOTAL 5, LLC At Florblanca, there are many people we admire for the way they lead their lives, the choices they make, the energy they bring to this world, and, in many cases – for their talents.  One of our inspirations for all of these things and more is Gabby Reece. Gabby is […]

5 years ago

An Artist’s Retreat

An artist by trade and by nature, Jodie expresses her experience of the world through paintings that beautifully showcase light and color. She is inspired by her children and grandchildren, her travels, and the beauty of oceans, mountains, nature and landscapes. Embracing the power of awareness that comes with focus and creativity, Jodie defines art […]