5 years ago

The Path to Joy, Peace, and Freedom

Stefano Allegri is the yoga master at Florblanca.  We are incredibly lucky to have him in our lives, inspiring us to be our best, reminding us to live with awareness, and not to take ourselves too seriously. We caught up with Stefano recently and asked him about what yoga means to him and how he […]

6 years ago

Pilates and Yoga Everyday

The Pilates studio sessions and mat classes are integral to life at Florblanca.  With teachers who inspire us to discover new depths in our practice, we are honored to provide this service to our guests and our community here in Santa Teresa. Stefano Allegri leads our yoga program and we’re pleased to offer classes Monday […]

6 years ago

Stefano’s Yoga Journey in Bali

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few ~ Shunryu Suzuki Yoga is an evolution, an exploration, a journey.  It is a way to live your life each moment and each day. At Florblanca, we have the honor of practicing yoga with Stefano Allegri. He brings beauty and humor and joy […]

6 years ago

Staff Spotlight – Laura Jimenez

Our guests come to Florblanca and Santa Teresa for all kinds of exploration and adventure. Who better to serve as your guide than a life-long local?  Laura Jimenez is our Concierge Manager and she is passionate about introducing our guests to her home of Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa. Contact Laura using our Reservation form. […]

6 years ago

Staff Spotlight: Alonso Alvarado

Alonso Alvarado is the man we rely on to get things done around here.  He is Florblanca’s Operations Manager and since he joined our team in 2014, Alonso has been invaluable to maintaining the level of beauty and luxury our guests have come to treasure. Alonso was born and raised in the city of Puerto […]

7 years ago

Living the Healthy Life

We meet guests from all around the world and have learned that everyone visits us to experience their own adventure. One thing that unites so many of our guests, however, is their quest to live a healthy life. Whether their focus is on food and nutrition or fitness and activity (or all of these), our […]

7 years ago

Meet Stefano

Yoga has always been central to the culture and daily routine at Florblanca, ever since we first opened.  In fact, our seaside, open-air dojo is a centerpiece of the property.  We offer daily yoga practice for all our guests with a variety of classes for all skill levels. At the heart of our yoga program […]

9 years ago

Artist Spotlight: Dayan Alvarado

We make it a priority to support our community here in Costa Rica. Whether it’s education, beach clean-ups, or sponsorships, we believe that we can help make a difference in creating a vibrant and healthy community. The arts are a critical part of this and we are thrilled to support our artists at every opportunity. […]

9 years ago

Staff Spotlight: Maricel Segura

Florblanca is a tried-and-true Costa Rican Eco-Resort.  We earned 4 out of 5 leaves from the Costa Rica Tourism Board for our Certificate of Sustainable Tourism.  We have since made a number of improvements and further developments in our sustainability efforts at the resort and in the community as we hope to earn that 5th […]

9 years ago

Meet Nadja

Nadja has been teaching forms of movement and coaching athletes from a young age. She moved to Costa Rica in 2003, from her home on the West Coast of Vancouver island, Canada, where she grew up, and worked as Surf Instructor and Coach. From her first visit, she immediately fell in love with Costa Rica’s […]