4 years ago

Boost Smoothie Recipe

At Nectar, we delight in coming up with new and delicious smoothies to hydrate, cleanse, boost, and nourish our guests.  Whether they’re enjoyed after a yoga or Pilates session or for an afternoon pick-me-up, Nectar smoothies always feature fresh and all natural ingredients with qualities that will fulfill and enhance your nutrition. Previously, we shared […]

4 years ago

A Chef’s Journey Through California

Photo Cred: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tiarescott/ Nectar’s own Chef Norman recently traveled through California, touring some of the state’s most popular restaurants and even staging at the renowned ink in LA.  Here is his account of the journey. California, with its miles and miles of beautiful coast, varied climates, and spectacular towns, has a large diversity of gastronomy. […]

4 years ago

Billy Brown Cocktail

The Billy Brown Cocktail is one of our guests’ favorite signature drinks and that’s no surprise to us.  Made with fresh ginger, lime, honey, gin and ginger ale, the Billy Brown features refreshing flavors that will make you think of sunset at Florblanca no matter where you are. Ingredients: Fresh Lime Fresh Ginger Honey Crushed […]

4 years ago

Fresh, Local Produce

When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is. ~ Alice Waters Driven by a desire to eat fresh greens that were hard to find in our area, Hacienda Okhra was founded four years ago in Santa Teresa. […]

5 years ago

Cleanse Smoothie Recipe

Cleanse Smoothie Smoothies are a staple of our diet at Florblanca. They are an amazing way to pack in nutrient dense fruits, leafy greens, and herbs with boosts of minerals and vitamins like chia seeds or bee pollen.  Once you have the ingredients for your smoothie prepped and ready, it is a fast and delicious […]

5 years ago

Chef Norman Indulges In the Tastes and Scents of Italy

Our own Chef Norman spent some of Costa Rica’s green season traveling throughout Italy, taking in the sights, smells, and tastes of three influential Italian regions.  He was inspired to check in with us about his travels.  In his own words, here’s what he has to say (our best English translation to follow). Sabores y […]

6 years ago

Vivero in Full Bloom

Fresh ingredients and farm-to-table dishes are central to the meals we offer at Nectar Restaurant. We are excited about our new greenhouse and the opportunity to grow delicious vegetables and herbs for our meals. Our commitment to serving fresh, healthy, local food is also an important part of our sustainability program which has earned us […]

6 years ago

Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

Locally sourced food and healthy eating are tenants of our lifestyle here at Florblanca. We are privileged to have such abundant resources of fresh food in our waters and on our farms. Nectar Restaurant is dedicated to serving up delicious fare from our farm-to-table and hook-to-fork ingredients and we are excited to be recognized as […]

6 years ago

Nectar Restaurant in La Republica

Nectar Restaurant was featured in La Republica,  the leading business and economics newspaper of Costa Rica. Nectar’s focus on local fresh ingredients and their Farm to Table and Hook to Fork initiatives have landed us some amazing recognition around the world. La Republica talks about these aspects and also introduces Chef Norman and sushi master Pablo. […]

7 years ago

Hook to Fork Menu at Nectar

Nectar Restaurant at Florblanca features a Hook to Fork menu for fresh, daily caught fish and seafood.  With the Pacific Ocean literally at our doorstep, we have the wonderful opportunity to offer seafood that the fishermen reeled in that day. The fish and seafood on the menu at Nectar comes from three villages all within […]