6 months ago

Beach BBQs

You’re Invited to Saturday BBQs on the Beach!

What are you doing this Saturday night…and every Saturday after that? How about a BBQ on the beach! Restaurant Nectar at Hotel Florblanca invites you to dine with the rest of the community at our weekly Saturday BBQ on the Beach. What You Can Look Forward To This intimate dining experience features everything locals love […]

3 years ago

Nectar | Food that Nourishes

Food That Nourishes

Costa Rica is known for its stunning natural landscape and wildlife. Our connection to nature guides so much of our daily life.  We are farmers, fishermen, and gardeners and what we eat comes directly from our land and sea. Our mission here at Florblanca is to source fresh, local ingredients for all the dishes we […]

3 years ago

How to Make Tamales

Tamales are an authentic Costa Rican tradition.  We often use tamales to celebrate holidays when family and friends are able to gather. During this time when we’re unable to gather in person, it might be fun to try making these at home. You can perfect the recipe so that you’ll be ready for the celebration […]

3 years ago

How to Make a Perla India Cocktail

Here’s a fun cocktail creation to try at home! Berneth mixes up a Perla India with fresh, local fruit and herbal-infused syrups.  This is guest favorite and was created by Berneth here at Florblanca.  The name comes from a local Santa Teresa bar down the road from us called La Perla India.  This is a […]

4 years ago

Greenhouse Gardening @ Florblanca

At Florblanca, we embrace eco-tourism, wanting our guests to feel immersed in our place and our culture.  There are many ways we seek to do this – through local activities and exploration, through the  natural landscape and environment, and through the food we serve at Néctar. Over five years ago, we launched our vivero, our […]

5 years ago

Food as Culture

You can tell from the first bite. This food is something special, something made with care.  The dedication to your food begins well before your plate is served. It starts with relationships between Chef Belen and the locals who proudly produce the food. The farmers, fishermen, and ranchers are our friends and neighbors, and their […]

5 years ago

Fresh Ingredients

Recipes are a framework but the most important thing is the ingredient. ~ Alice Waters   Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword.  It’s a way of life, especially here in Costa Rica where our natural resources are abundant and where we’re seen as a global leader in sustainability.  With close ties to our environment and our […]

6 years ago

Made in Néctar

The more you travel and explore different regions around the world, the more you understand how much food is an integral part of the cultural experience.  Or maybe you travel especially to enjoy the unique cuisines you find in each place you land. Whatever the focus of your journey, food is always an essential part […]

6 years ago

Néctar’s Healthy Morning Bowl

A favorite breakfast of locals and guests alike, Nectar’s Healthy Morning Bowl features fresh, locally grown fruit with all natural honey and homemade granola. Any day that starts like this is a day headed in the right direction. Try our recipe below and add your own seasonal, fresh fruit to the mix. Experiment with homemade […]

6 years ago

Néctar’s Guacamole & Chips

Guacamole and chips at Néctar’s are as essential to your Florblanca experience as the sunset and the howler monkeys.  Made from the most simple, fresh and local ingredients, this classic starter dish is as nutritious as it is appetizing. Plus, it’s perfect for sharing. We’re giving you the recipe here so you can indulge, share […]