8 years ago

My Two-Hour Wait for Green Chile. Worth It.

On a vibrant corner in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with the sunbaked mountains looming in the background, there is an old restaurant called Café Pasqual’s. Its name honors the patron saint of cooks and shepherds. I had read about it in many articles, and was always intrigued when I would overhear locals refer to it […]

8 years ago

My Life in Two Worlds

It is mid-day on a Wednesday, and I am gazing through a window of Delta 1396 as it descends into the sprawl that goes on forever, the City of Angels. I departed San Jose, Costa Rica, early this morning where I have been working for the last six months. I can feel my body and […]

10 years ago

Mountain Biking

Florblanca Resort is so excited to offer Mountain Biking Adventures in our area of Santa Teresa in the Nicoya Peninsula. Our Mountain Bike Adventures can be geared to any level of biker, from the very beginner to the extreme advanced rider.  Regardless of your skill level, our Mountain Bike Tours provide you with the opportunity […]

11 years ago

Best Time to Surf in Costa Rica?

Known as a hot surf destination, the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is indeed a surfers’ paradise. With warm and clear water in every season, and few people in the line ups, the conditions are pretty much perfect year round. Along the Nicoya Peninsula, surfing can be divided into two seasons. The dry season (November-May) […]

11 years ago

Surfing in Santa Teresa

When you are ready to explore a surf spot that’s just a little off the beaten track, Playa Santa Teresa awaits. Located at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, the plentiful beach breaks here offer both kind, forgiving waves for beginners and high, hollow swells for seasoned surfers. Those up for a challenge will […]