5 years ago

Sustainability Goals

Our commitment to sustainability at Florblanca goes beyond checking boxes and earning certifications. Our mission here is “To be the change we want to see in the touristic development of our community.” With that goal in mind, we are always creating new opportunities to contribute to our mission of sustainability. Two important tenants of this […]

6 years ago

All the Best

Bit by bit, the world is being let in on our secret.  As writers and artists and chefs and surfers and vacationers come through Santa Teresa, they’re discovering the magic that makes us one of only five Blue Zones in the world. A Blue Zone is a place where residents live measurably longer lives. Researchers […]

7 years ago

Costa Rica Tops the Happy Planet Index

Costa Rica is named the happiest and most sustainable country on Earth. When we heard the news about Costa Rica outranking other nations in the Happy Planet Index, we were thrilled – but not surprised. The Nicoya Peninsula here on the west coast of Costa Rica is one of a handful of known Blue Zones around the […]

8 years ago

Meet Alexandra Avila

At Florblanca, we believe that eco-travel and luxury travel can co-exist. Alexandra Avila, author of the blog traveling-in-heels.com, is a shining example of this theory in action. Alexandra is no stranger to luxurious and exotic travel destinations around the world. We were honored to have her as a guest at Florblanca and to witness her […]

8 years ago

Fresh, Local Produce

When you have the best and tastiest ingredients, you can cook very simply and the food will be extraordinary because it tastes like what it is. ~ Alice Waters Driven by a desire to eat fresh greens that were hard to find in our area, Hacienda Okhra was founded four years ago in Santa Teresa. […]

8 years ago

Living in a Blue Zone

Soaking up beautiful rays of sunshine, while maintaining a low stress profile, eating local and home grown food, and enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in the world…..This is life on the Nicoya Peninsula, and yes it is pura vida at its best. The Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is one of the world’s […]

9 years ago

Honoring Earth Hour

Dining by candlelight only and enjoying food that is fresh and local, Florblanca honors our beautiful planet on Earth Hour.

9 years ago


Florblanca has teamed up with the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper organization to help preserve and restore our land and marine resources here in Playa Santa Teresa. Our efforts with the Waterkeeper are in keeping with our Community Outreach and Development work through our Sustainability program. We recently joined the Waterkeeper and local Mal Pais school children […]

9 years ago

Celebrating Nicoya Independence Day

Florblanca celebrated Independence Day on July 25th, the day that Nicoya officially became a part of Costa Rica.  For the occasion, our staff dressed in traditional clothing and we enjoyed authentic dishes served up by Nectar Restaurant. Here is a quick history lesson outlining the independence of Central America from Spain and how the Nicoya […]

9 years ago

Vivero in Full Bloom

Fresh ingredients and farm-to-table dishes are central to the meals we offer at Nectar Restaurant. We are excited about our new greenhouse and the opportunity to grow delicious vegetables and herbs for our meals. Our commitment to serving fresh, healthy, local food is also an important part of our sustainability program which has earned us […]