5 years ago

Food as Culture

You can tell from the first bite. This food is something special, something made with care.  The dedication to your food begins well before your plate is served. It starts with relationships between Chef Belen and the locals who proudly produce the food. The farmers, fishermen, and ranchers are our friends and neighbors, and their […]

5 years ago

Fresh Ingredients

Recipes are a framework but the most important thing is the ingredient. ~ Alice Waters   Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword.  It’s a way of life, especially here in Costa Rica where our natural resources are abundant and where we’re seen as a global leader in sustainability.  With close ties to our environment and our […]

5 years ago

Made in Néctar

The more you travel and explore different regions around the world, the more you understand how much food is an integral part of the cultural experience.  Or maybe you travel especially to enjoy the unique cuisines you find in each place you land. Whatever the focus of your journey, food is always an essential part […]

5 years ago

Néctar’s Healthy Morning Bowl

A favorite breakfast of locals and guests alike, Nectar’s Healthy Morning Bowl features fresh, locally grown fruit with all natural honey and homemade granola. Any day that starts like this is a day headed in the right direction. Try our recipe below and add your own seasonal, fresh fruit to the mix. Experiment with homemade […]

6 years ago

Néctar’s Guacamole & Chips

Guacamole and chips at Néctar’s are as essential to your Florblanca experience as the sunset and the howler monkeys.  Made from the most simple, fresh and local ingredients, this classic starter dish is as nutritious as it is appetizing. Plus, it’s perfect for sharing. We’re giving you the recipe here so you can indulge, share […]

7 years ago

Néctar’s Arugula Omelette

Néctar’s Arugula Omelette has always been delicious and nutritious, and now that we’ve started getting pasture eggs from Arío Azul, we are especially excited about this dish. We hope you give it a try at home with eggs and veggies from your local farmer’s market. Néctar’s Arugula Omelette Recipe INGREDIENTS: Omelette: 3 Eggs 30gm Mushrooms […]

7 years ago

Now Serving …. Local, Free Range Eggs

When we heard that Hacienda Arío, a family ranch in Santa Teresa, was selling free range eggs in our local marketplace, we were eager to get involved. Not only is Hacienda Arío committed to sustainable farming practices with chickens raised free of antibiotics, but their micro-business selling pasture eggs – Arío Azul – is run […]

7 years ago

Hacienda Okhra Salad

Hacienda Okhra is a farm here in Santa Teresa that grows fruits, vegetables, and herbs for local restaurants and the community.  We rely on them for our farm-to-table cuisine, including the ingredients for our Garden Salad lunch entree. Add grilled chicken and enjoy this hearty, healthy, and delicious meal for lunch or dinner. It’s perfect […]

7 years ago

A Chef’s Journey Through California

Photo Cred: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tiarescott/ Nectar’s own Chef Norman recently traveled through California, touring some of the state’s most popular restaurants and even staging at the renowned ink in LA.  Here is his account of the journey. California, with its miles and miles of beautiful coast, varied climates, and spectacular towns, has a large diversity of gastronomy. […]

8 years ago

Why We Drink Coconut Water

There are so many great benefits of drinking Coconut Water as part of our regular diet. Locally known as Agua de Pipa, coconut water is an essential part of our healthy diet in Costa Rica. Coconut water is the actual juice from inside a young, tender, coconut. It is truly a gift from nature, full […]