8 years ago

A Chef’s Journey Through California

Photo Cred: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tiarescott/ Nectar’s own Chef Norman recently traveled through California, touring some of the state’s most popular restaurants and even staging at the renowned ink in LA.  Here is his account of the journey. California, with its miles and miles of beautiful coast, varied climates, and spectacular towns, has a large diversity of gastronomy. […]

8 years ago

Why We Drink Coconut Water

There are so many great benefits of drinking Coconut Water as part of our regular diet. Locally known as Agua de Pipa, coconut water is an essential part of our healthy diet in Costa Rica. Coconut water is the actual juice from inside a young, tender, coconut. It is truly a gift from nature, full […]

8 years ago

A Visit To California’s Belcampo: A Look Into Real Sustainable Farming

After a long drive up I-5 North, I am feeling tired and ready to be there. My destination is Belcampo in Mt. Shasta, California; an acclaimed sustainable farm. I am arriving from Napa Valley where I had the wonderful opportunity to check out two leading boutique hotels, eat mouthwatering “farm to table” meals and of […]

9 years ago

Vivero in Full Bloom

Fresh ingredients and farm-to-table dishes are central to the meals we offer at Nectar Restaurant. We are excited about our new greenhouse and the opportunity to grow delicious vegetables and herbs for our meals. Our commitment to serving fresh, healthy, local food is also an important part of our sustainability program which has earned us […]

10 years ago

Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

Locally sourced food and healthy eating are tenants of our lifestyle here at Florblanca. We are privileged to have such abundant resources of fresh food in our waters and on our farms. Nectar Restaurant is dedicated to serving up delicious fare from our farm-to-table and hook-to-fork ingredients and we are excited to be recognized as […]

10 years ago

Hook to Fork Menu at Nectar

Nectar Restaurant at Florblanca features a Hook to Fork menu for fresh, daily caught fish and seafood.  With the Pacific Ocean literally at our doorstep, we have the wonderful opportunity to offer seafood that the fishermen reeled in that day. The fish and seafood on the menu at Nectar comes from three villages all within […]

10 years ago

Farm to Table Menu at Nectar

Nectar, our casual yet elegant open air restaurant at Florblanca, is proud to play an important role in our dedication to sustainability and community.  Our Farm to Table menu means that we cook with fresh, local ingredients from our local farms.  Our chefs prepare all their dishes with fresh fruits, natural produce, and naturally raised […]

12 years ago


If you have traveled through Costa Rica, you very well know that a casado is way of  local life in this beautiful country, and will have you craving more of those fried plantains when you return home! A casado, meaning marriage, is just that.  It is a typical dish offering a variety of tastes piled […]