8 years ago

Nicoya Waterkeepers

Clean water is essential to sustaining human life and preserving our planet’s ecosystem ~ Waterkeeper Alliance The biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems has been damaged more than any other ecosystem, according to the Water Defense Campaign of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Drought, pollution, and overuse are diminishing already limited freshwater resources. Gauging just how important water is […]

9 years ago


Florblanca has teamed up with the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper organization to help preserve and restore our land and marine resources here in Playa Santa Teresa. Our efforts with the Waterkeeper are in keeping with our Community Outreach and Development work through our Sustainability program. We recently joined the Waterkeeper and local Mal Pais school children […]

9 years ago

Vivero in Full Bloom

Fresh ingredients and farm-to-table dishes are central to the meals we offer at Nectar Restaurant. We are excited about our new greenhouse and the opportunity to grow delicious vegetables and herbs for our meals. Our commitment to serving fresh, healthy, local food is also an important part of our sustainability program which has earned us […]

10 years ago

Beach Clean Up

We are proud to announce that we recently completed the first project in our Beach Clean Up Initiative. This is a part of our overall Sustainability Program to help lessen our impact on the environment, make real change, and inspire our community to do the same. As an oceanfront resort, we strive to maintain the […]

10 years ago

Staff Spotlight: Maricel Segura

Florblanca is a tried-and-true Costa Rican Eco-Resort.  We earned 4 out of 5 leaves from the Costa Rica Tourism Board for our Certificate of Sustainable Tourism.  We have since made a number of improvements and further developments in our sustainability efforts at the resort and in the community as we hope to earn that 5th […]

10 years ago

Sustainability at Florblanca – Conservation & Community

In Part II of our blog series, Sustainability at Florblanca, we’ll address our efforts at Conservation and Community Interaction.  Our Part I post discussed Analysis, Training, Recycling, and Waste Management.  Those efforts combined with our conservation resources and our interaction with the community helped to earn us the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism from the Costa […]

10 years ago

Sustainability at Florblanca – Analysis & Training

The management and staff at Florblanca Resort are extremely proud of our efforts at achieving sustainability and eco-friendly practices at our hotel and in our community.  In 2011, we were awarded 4 out of 5 leaves for the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism from the Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT).  We are set to be evaluated […]

11 years ago

Butterfly Garden

With all of our efforts to support a sustainable and environmentally-friendly resort, we are excited to share this news from our garden from our Director of Sustainability, Maricel Segura. After the short rainy season that we had this year, we finally have the soil of our small garden of observation ready to feed and host […]

11 years ago

One of the Top 5 ‘Greenest’ Countries

If you’re looking for a place to experience eco-travel at its best, look no further than Costa Rica. According to a recent study conducted by two leading universities, Costa Rica was ranked as the fifth ‘greenest’ country in the world. As a premier Costa Rica resort, we are thrilled to have this distinction, and hope […]