8 years ago

My Life in Two Worlds

It is mid-day on a Wednesday, and I am gazing through a window of Delta 1396 as it descends into the sprawl that goes on forever, the City of Angels. I departed San Jose, Costa Rica, early this morning where I have been working for the last six months. I can feel my body and […]

8 years ago

Cleanse Smoothie Recipe

Cleanse Smoothie Smoothies are a staple of our diet at Florblanca. They are an amazing way to pack in nutrient dense fruits, leafy greens, and herbs with boosts of minerals and vitamins like chia seeds or bee pollen. ¬†Once you have the ingredients for your smoothie prepped and ready, it is a fast and delicious […]

8 years ago

Finding Awareness Everyday

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. ~Amit Ray It’s so easy to zoom through our days, caught in routines that keep us grounded but also keep us a little bit trapped. When we’re not lucky enough to be at Florblanca, basking in all the […]