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Resilient Florblanca

“In ecology is the capacity of an ecosystem to absorb disturbance and still retain its basic structure and viability.”


Resilience is the thinking evolved from the need to manage interactions between human-constructed systems and natural ecosystems in a sustainable way. Hotel Florblanca continually strives to move towards this balance and support within our own community, knowing that these efforts can have far reaching effects beyond Santa Teresa. The following are actions we are taking to make sure we continue to move in that direction:

Environment & Wildlife

  • Plants, Trees and Animals – We have a diverse collection of plants and trees in our Florblanca gardens, including a large number of native species, thus promoting the natural habitat of many animals, including monkeys, birds, insects, amphibians, and mammals.
  • All fertilizers, and plague control in gardens and villas are organic and biodegradable.
  • Trees and palms in gardens are tagged for a proper taxonomic classification.
  • Is prohibit feeding the animals and wildlife surround Florblanca property, It could disrupt their habits and health.
  • With proper assessment, we offer our help if any injured animal is found.
  • Our security guards located at the beach entrance and staff have been trained on how to protect sea turtle nesting.
  • Garden lights were installed taking into consideration turtle nesting and nocturnal wildlife.
  • With our list of excursions, we always encourage our guests to visit the local conservation areas in the way to create a support chain.
  • A system of natural rock drains allows for rain water to run off on the property in order to avoid erosion and soil depletion.

We claim the following conservation statements:

  • Ley 7317, Wildlife Conservation
  • Ley 7554, Organic Act of the Environment.
  • Ley 6703, National Law of Archaeological Heritage
  • Ley 7575, Forestry Law.
  • Ley 8436, Law of Fishing and Aquaculture.

Waste Management

Florblanca has a Solid Waste Management Plan as established by the Law for Integrated Waste Management in Costa Rica.

  • We actively participate and promote the Municipal Recycling Program and private waste management business, which allows us to adequately dispose of the majority of our recyclables.
  • All our organic wastes are used in the production of compost, which is in turn used to enrich the soil of our gardens.
  • The oil used in the kitchen is collected by a local transportation company that produces its own fuel for it vehicles (http://www.lostransportadores.net/EcoFleet).
  • All office paper is unbleached, recycled or made with sugar cane bagasse. We avoid at maximum print documents, internal communication is made through technologies such as smart phones and e- mails.
  • We are using biodegradable cleaning products and reusable containers for soap, shampoo and rinse throughout the hotel.
  • We have an internal system of reuse and recovery of packaging. Our suppliers of fruit and vegetables, cleaning and grooming products participate as well.
  • Biodegradable Packaging – The “takeout” packaging and straws in the restaurant are made of biodegradable materials. We don’t commercialize single-use plastic bottles or bags.

Sustainable operation


  • Florblanca has implemented a Water Management Plan in which includes a daily consumption data, analysis and reduction strategies. On its implementation we achieve a 8% reduction in the last two years.
  • UV lamps were installed to purify the water at Florblanca. With this system, all taps (including sinks and showers) have clean drinking water. Microbiological tests are made to ensure quality and safe.
  • A System of Treatment Wastewater was implemented. Through biological filtration we process our wastewater making possible bring it back to nature in the most responsible and decontaminated way.
  • An irrigation system allows us to reuse the treated water in our gardens. We don’t  use drinkable water in landscaping.
  • Special devices were installed in toilets to reduce water consumption; our kitchen faucets have pressure regulators too.
  • We encourage our guests and visitors to cooperate with the proper use of water through our internal campaign signage in villas and common areas.


  • All the resort offer an infrastructure that invites guests to enjoy the natural light by open and ventilated areas.
  • Solatube technology was installed on many office roofs to lighten the spaces with natural light.
  • In addition, we have solar heaters in Laundry Room and Kitchen.
  • Bulbs and energy efficient equipment is used throughout the property.
  • Eco-friendly and efficient A/C and cooler equipment have been installed at the resort and they are constantly upgraded. We also have door devices in rooms and offices in order to avoid cold air escapes.

Fair trade & local economy

  • We study and analyze the characteristics of  products we consume in the hotel and the ecological value they have. We are constantly searching for companies committed to the environment and that benefit the community in which they operate.
  • We commercialize products of local origin as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables in order to take advantage of their nutritional value and improve the economic income of our local farmers.
  • In support of Law 8436 on Fisheries and Aquaculture, CR, we serve seafood and fish meat from sustainable sources. We do not serve endangered, vulnerable or threatened species.
  • Our gift shop offers a wide range of handmade articles to promote local artwork and artists.
  • We offer the best business conditions and fair trade to our suppliers, we respect the national trade legislation and the 100% tax payment.· We do not sell products that are prohibited by law, contraband materials or articles of false origin. We respect the copyright and manufacture of the products and their creators.

Team work & Community

The workers team… an exceptional resource!

Throughout the years Florblanca is well- known for having a exceptional teamwork, this fact makes us different from other lodges in the area. A positive atmosphere, great labor conditions and the respect given to each of our employees create the perfect symbiosis.

  • Florblanca has a Human Resources Department in order to maintaining the best working and lawful conditions.
  • Florblanca operates under the Costa Rican work legislation.
  • Provide motivational and health campaigns for all employees increasing their living standard.
  • A Training and Workshop Program is performed during the year, giving the best tools and techniques to keep the employee at the vanguard of their careers or professions.
  • Staff has been benefited with different health&wellness programs in which is included dietary and nutrition workshops, fitness, and recently dental care program.We are so grateful for the dedication and responsibility on each labor the staff members do!!

“If you learn something that changes you, you’ve made progress. If you learn something that changes others, you’ve helped change the world.”


  • Hotel Florblanca provides at least 110 direct and indirect jobs in zone, activating as well local economy. All based on the philosophy of fair trade and respecting workers law established in the country.
  • We have had the opportunity to collaborate on remodeling projects and maintenance of community buildings through the Volunteer Program we developed with our workers.
  • We created an internal training program for our employees that deals with various topics as environmental, occupational, health, and specific needs of their profession. Trainings and workshops are shared with students of local secondary and other workers in town.
  • We had been working hand to hand on The Blue Flag Program since 2011 providing educational campaigns at schools, beach clean ups, and recycling.