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Education and Accessibility

How to Contribute


At your stay

At Florblanca, we encourage all of our guests to participate in our sustainability program.  Here are a few suggestions of how you can be a big part of our sustainable efforts:

  • Turn off your lights and AC when you leave your villa or when you are not using them. If using the AC, please be sure to close the room door.
  • Be conscious of water usage. Water is a precious resource, and we are committed to water conservation. There is a note by your bed explaining in further detail a program with washing your sheets and towels that saves a large amount of water. In addition, please know our water is 100% drinkable.
  • Each villa is equipped with recycling bins. There are also recycling bins at the entrance of the beach and common areas, please separate your waste.
  • We will appreciate if you please avoid smoking inside the rooms and, for consideration to others please respect the non smoking areas in the restaurant.
  • Consider the use of bicycles to visit the village. It is a way to reduce carbon emissions, and is also a way to stimulate in your physical well being.
  • Santa Teresa Beach is very special to all of us here at Florblanca. We kindly ask you to not take shells, sand dollars, or any other marine/wildlife from the beach.
  • Help us support sustainable programs in the community, ask the Concierge about it, and if you feel like donating to the program, let us know.
  • Understand that we are surrounded by nature and wildlife, crabs, ants, birds or really amazing insects may get close to your room, there is an amazing natural history behind each of them, nonetheless we suggest that you use skin cream repellents for mosquitoes.

Our sustainability program is constantly evolving, and we always are looking for new ideas.  We want to hear your suggestions.  Please feel free to tell us or write them on the comment card upon your check out.

Join Our Donation Program

What is the $10 check-out program?

This system offers our guests and visitors the option to add $ 10 to their final account which will be used to generate funds.

Each year these funds are  being awarded to local projects and non profit organizations of  Santa Teresa community. We firmly believe as company and as community members that we can generate a fair business model in which benefits of the tourist economy can be reflected in a positive way in the quality of life for people in need and for the protection of natural resources for actual and future generations.

Funds are being awarded to Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers: This organization is members of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a fast growing global network of more than 200 water organizations advocating for swimmable, drinkable and fishable waters around the world. They have started to work with the community and businesses regarding water quality in the area so they can best address and mitigate pollution issues.

What do the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers do?

  • Monitor, protect and restore water quality in Santa Teresa and Malpais, so future generations will be able to enjoy them!!
  • Provide free advice regarding residual water management which is one of the main sources of pollution of our coastal waters.
  • Educate and raise the community’s awareness on the need of understanding and improving our relationship with water.
  • Advocate for our waterways making sure that polluters revise and amend their practices!
  • Advocate for our waterways making sure that polluters revise and amend their practices!

For alternative ways of support please ask at the front desk, you can donate $1 -$5 – $10 -$25… We truly appreciate any help or support our guests can provide to help ensure the continued safety and flourishing of our community!!

Be a Responsible Traveler!

  • Plan your route to minimize carbon emissions, choose environmentally friendly airlines.
  • Florblanca invites you to offset carbon emissions caused by your international flights to Costa Rica. Visit: www.fonafifo.com.
  • Look for sustainable hotels certified by Costa Rica´s Ministry of Tourism (CST). For more information visit www.turismosostenible.co.cr.
  • Support Costa Rica’s impressive national park system by organizing a visit or tour.
  • Buy local production, support local hotels and tour operators.
  • Be mindful of the amount of water and energy that you use while on vacation. Take advantage of linen and towel reuse programs.
  • When visiting natural areas, make sure not to leave trash behind. Participate in recycling programs whenever possible.
  • Keep the habits and health of wildlife. Please don’t feed the animals.
  • Practice your Spanish! It is a great way to get in touch with local cultures and customs. Read up on local cultures and learn a few words of the local language.
  • Remove all excess packaging. Waste disposal is difficult in remote places and developing countries.
  • Ask your tour operator or hotel where you’re staying, whether there are local conservations or social projects that you could visit on your trip and how you could help support them.
  • Do not buy products made from endangered species, hard woods or ancient artifacts.
  • Use reusable containers instead of plastic bottled water, stop using single-use plastic products!
  • Respect and participate in local cultures, traditions and holy places.
  • When driving, stick to marked paths and roads. Be aware when driving at night that animals can scare easily from headlights and loud noises at and may be prone to leaping onto the road.
  • Eat where the locals do, not only will this give you a better insight to the cuisine of the area you’re visiting, but it will also help to support the local economy.
  • Help us to keep this world as beauty and diverse it is!