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Sharing our Knowledge and Experience.

To extend our efforts in sustainability, we take measures to involve and encourage participation in our guests, visitors and staff; we try to provide the necessary information, support and resources:

  • Social Media has become an ideal tool to spread the word and talk about our experience and learning. We invite you to check the Florblanca´s Blog Viva Florblanca and our website to know more about all efforts in sustainability we developed.
  • There are messages and friendly reminders throughout the hotel to raise awareness about the conservation of resources such as water and electricity. We want to invite you to be part of this campaign as a responsible consumer.
  • We provide our guests with bicycles to give transporting options and prevent greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our $$ Check Out program has provided financial support to different social and environmental organizations in the community, funds are deposited each year for specific projects.

Supporting Local Businesses

  • Florblanca studies and reviews the characteristics of the products consumed in the hotel and the sustainability value they have. We are constantly searching for companies committed to the environment and the community in which they operate.
  • Our gift shop offers a wide range of handmade articles to promote local artwork and artists.
  • We strive to commercialize certified organic products, fruits, vegetables, free-range chicken, local pork, and sustainable fish in our Nectar Restaurant when available.
  • In support of the 8436 Law on Fishing and Aquaculture, CR, we serve sustainably sourced seafood and do not serve endangered, vulnerable or threatened species.
  • We do not sell products that are forbidden by law, or contraband materials of false origin.

Our Staff – An Exceptional Resource

Throughout the years, Florblanca is well- known for having exceptional teamwork. This fact makes us different from other hotels in the area. A positive atmosphere, great working conditions, and the respect given to each of our employees create the perfect symbiosis.

  • Florblanca has a Human Resources Department in order to maintaining the best working and lawful conditions.
  • Florblanca operates under the Costa Rican work legislation.
  • Provide motivational and health campaigns for all employees increasing their living standards.
  • A Training and Workshop Program is performed during the year, giving the best tools and techniques to keep the employee at the vanguard of their careers or professions.
  • Staff has had benefits including different health & wellness programs in which is included dietary and nutrition workshops, fitness, and recently dental care program. 

We are so grateful for the dedication and responsibility for all the the staff members do for us!!

“If you learn something that changes you, you’ve made progress. If you learn something that changes others, you’ve helped change the world.”


  • Hotel Florblanca provides at least 110 direct and indirect jobs in zone, activating as well local economy. All based on the philosophy of fair trade and respecting workers law established in the country.
  • We have had the opportunity to collaborate on remodeling projects and maintenance of community buildings through the Volunteer Program we developed with our workers.
  • We created an internal training program for our employees that deals with various topics as environmental, occupational, health, and specific needs of their profession. Trainings and workshops are shared with students of local secondary and other workers in town.
  • We had been working hand to hand on The Blue Flag Program since 2011 providing educational campaigns at schools, beach clean ups, and recycling.

Florblanca Alliances

Amigos de los Parques Nacionales is a membership program created by ProParques, Fundecor and SINAC that offers people, organizations and businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment towards Costa Rica’s National Parks. The program has managed to maintain trails, signage and infrastructure at different stations throughout the country. In addition to the extended collaboration on projects such as “A summer without wildfire” among others.

The Code of Conduct in this country is a project of the tourist industry that is supported by The Paniamor Foundation together with the Costa Rican Tour Operators Association (ACOT), The Costa Rican Professionals in Tourism Association (ACOPROT) and World Vision Costa Rica funded by Fundecooperación. In Costa Rica, there is a great concern, so the tourist industry has taken an energetic position of zero tolerance in order to protect children and adolescents from commercial sexual exploitation. In this manner, they have united to promote the incorporation of the Code of Conduct in tourist companies to confront this problem.

Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Ecological Program (Bandera Azúl Ecológica) helps protect both the environmental and social landscapes of Costa Rica. The program began in 1996 as an incentive for coastal communities to keep their beaches clean. Since then, it’s grown to encompass a wide variety of destinations and categories. The Blue Flag program is a driving force behind the healthy communities and vibrant ecosystems that make up Costa Rica.

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper is a non-government organization, whose mission is to monitor, protect and restore water quality in the coastal watersheds and marine ecosystems between the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve and the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge through research, field work, education and advocacy. Water is at the core of today’s most pressing issues—security and scarcity, energy and climate change, the cause and spread of infectious disease. Communities are looking for ways to protect our right to clean water, as the quality and quantity of water resources decline around the world.