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Florblanca Community

At Florblanca, we show our commitment to sustainability in a variety of ways, starting with our policies.  

Florblanca’s Sustainability Policies

Environment Policies

  • Make a responsible waste management to prevent water, air and soil pollution.
  • Optimize the use of water and energy, through saving and the use of alternative technologies.
  • Protect, respect and promote wildlife habitat and species.
  • Keep gardens and structures free of agrochemicals or chemical substances harmful to human and wildlife health. Encourage the use of organic fertilizers and the enrichment of soils in a sustainable and natural way.
  • Share with visitors, neighbors, suppliers and the hotel staff, our knowledge and experiences in environmental issues.

Purchasing policies 

  • Inform and create actions to encourage our suppliers to participate in programs of environmental and social improvement.
  • Promote local production.
  • Reduce waste production and prefer reusable, recyclable or biodegradable products.
  • Prefer fresh, natural and organic products.

Social Policies

  • Develop employment opportunities for the community and contribute to their professional growth through training.
  • Encourage guests to participate in recreational and cultural activities that our community offers.
  • Support sports, culture, education, health and security programs in our community
  • Respect our traditional and existing living cultures in the environment where we are and we operate. Encourage our customers and staff to promote and respect our origins.