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Relax with a Massage at Spa Bambu

Florblanca offers a variety of massages guaranteed to heal your body and soul. All massages are offered at sixty or ninety minutes. Our therapists are highly skilled and look forward to treating you to the massage of your choice.

Relaxing Massage

Our relaxing massage is a favorite, taking you to that calm place where the stress simply melts away. The pressure is light to medium and is similar to a classic Swedish massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Spa Bambu’s hot stone massage takes you to a deeper level of relaxation with hot stones placed on and under your body.

Thai Massage

Our Thai massage combines pressure points, stretching, and lengthening to release tension and energize the body. Thai massage is performed on a floor mat, and guests wear loose fitting clothing.

Deep Tissue Massage

For those looking for a deeper massage, our deep tissue massage focuses on the inner layers of muscle tissue, releasing tension through slow strokes and deep pressure.

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