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Facials at Spa Bambu

Enjoy our signature Spa Bambu facials, classic pedicures and manicures, and our long list of waxing at Spa Bambu.

Timeless Facial

Our timeless facial focuses on renewal. This facial helps nourish and moisturize the skin giving it a softer and more radiant look.

Deep Cleaning Facial

Using top of the line products, our deep cleaning facial focuses on renewal and deep cleaning. It includes cleansing, exfoliating, steam to open the pores, deep pore extractions if needed and a hydrating mask followed by a face massage. Your face will feel completely clean and fresh.

After the Sun Facial

For those faces feeling dry and irritated from the sun, this facial is relaxing and soothing to your skin. After a soft cleanse, cool aloe, grown right here at Florblanca, is rubbed into your skin for cooling and soothing. The aloe mask is followed by a facial massage using pure vitamin E to re-hydrate your face.

Men’s Facial

For our signature men’s facial, we use a special line of products designed for men with all skin types. This facial focuses on renewal, re-nourishment and rehydration of the skin, giving it that special glow. Extractions are optional.

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