VIVA Florblanca at Home

When we first launched VIVA Florblanca in 2015, our mission was to examine what we love so much about living here in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica.  And, particularly, what makes Florblanca such a special place for our guests.  

For so many of our guests, Florblanca is a beacon of rustic luxury where the pura vida life is ever-present. Artists, surfers, designers, chefs, couples, families, and adventurous, creative people from around the globe have visited us to connect with the life we live here, so tied to nature, to our environment, and to our people.

Through VIVA Florblanca, we wanted to share that very essence with you, to reach you at home to inspire this essence everyday.

In this time when we are all – each one of us around the world – at home, trying our best to connect however we can, we want to reconnect with you. We want you to meet our guests and find out what inspires them. Meet our staff and hear their stories. Try our recipes for healthy and nourishing food. And see how our global community comes together to connect, share, explore, and discover.

Today, we’re bringing you a Florblanca mixology lesson with Berneth.  Follow along and you’ll be dreaming about the next time you can sip a Billy Brown in Costa Rica, with a stunning sunset and the ocean breeze all around.  We can’t wait to have you back!


Billy Brown


Cheers!  We can’t wait until you can visit with us again.

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