Pilates Day @ Florblanca

We were so excited to celebrate Pilates Day at Florblanca. This is an annual, international, community event celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year. The mission of this day is to foster an appreciation and awareness of the Pilates method through a network of events making Pilates accessible for all.

At Florblanca Pilates, we joined in on this worldwide event and offered complementary classes to the local community. We were delighted to have two classes full of Pilates newbies.

After a gentle warm-up explaining the basic principles of Pilates, we practiced a series of exercises on the Springboards and Cadillac in the studio. The class was equally fun and challenging and everyone left feeling taller and stronger smiling from ear to ear!

We hope to welcome more people to the Florblanca Pilates studio so that they too can experience the benefits of that Pilates mind-body connection in such a beautiful oceanfront environment.

To join us for a Pilates class or learn more, visit Florblanca Pilates.

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