ART + MUSIC Aprendiendo Unidos Fundraiser

On Friday, February 12th, Florblanca hosted an ART + MUSIC event to help raise funds for Aprendiendo Unidos. This non-profit organization is focused on improving the well-being of under-privileged children in the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the art, food and drinks sold during the evening event went directly to Aprendiendo Unidos and will help them buy basic school supplies, arrange sport/art activities, and more.

It was a beautiful night with live music from Clara and her band, delicious food and drink specials, and amazing artists Sharon Ramsay, Monica Umaña, Karen Chandler, and Pia Palmas sharing their work.  Together, we raised a total of $1,246.10 for this wonderful organization.  The artists contributed $230 from their commissions, the raffle raised $554 and Florblanca donated 25% of the sale of all food and drinks for a total of $462.10 for our contribution.

We are excited about the opportunity to use our facility and our talented staff to help the community and support local artists. We look forward to hosting more events like this one that can raise awareness for organizations and the clients they support.

Awareness and education are critical factors for helping children in our community make positive changes in their lives.  Aprendiendo Unidos helps to break the cycles that keep children from realizing their dreams.

Margaret Hecht is the Founder and Primary Funder of AAU. Current board members are Veronica Wessel, Noelia Kindred, Favio Lopez, Sergio Guido, Reese Langston and Kaz Chandler (her handy work can be seen in both Malpais and Manzanillo schools).

For the ART + MUSIC event, we’d like to thank the following sponsors, donors, and volunteers:

  • Florblanca
  • Pranamar
  • Kina Surf Shop
  • Ayalas Produce
  • Indigo Yoga Resort
  • Andy Weinstein – Vista Surf Villas
  • Christine Richie and Art & Soul Gallery
  • Brad & Tara – Hermosa Surf Villas
  • Simon Remke
  • Jen Harter – Langston Realty
  • Jim Kelly, Billy & Lisserette – Baille de Muerta Gala
  • Martine the doctor
  • Camila – Pronto’s
  • Proyecto ST – Karie
  • Marian Fishel – Yoga
  • Mattie Nicholson – HS student in NYC (AAU Club)
  • Volunteers – Jeff, Gina and students from VCHS, Bellflower, CA
  • Volunteers – YMCA club San Jose
  • Caroline Palmer – Hoops
  • Sharks Futbol Club Malpais
  • Pia – Almendro Sweets
  • Culum Walsh – Teacher House
  • Sharon Ramsay
  • Monica Umaña
  • Karen Chandler
  • Pia Palmas

Raffle Donors:

  • Pronto
  • Chop-it
  • Product C
  • Nectar Cafe
  • Pranamar – gift shop and yoga
  • Lost in Santa Surf Shop
  • Kina Surf Shop
  • Denga Surf Shop
  • Beach Bum
  • Phyllis Worman Jewelry
  • Hacienda Ario
  • Yoga Hispana Natural
  • Caroline Palmer – Hoops

And a big thank you to everyone who came out to support this event. You are making a real difference in our community!

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