Nicoya Waterkeepers

Clean water is essential to sustaining human life and preserving our planet’s ecosystem ~ Waterkeeper Alliance

The biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems has been damaged more than any other ecosystem, according to the Water Defense Campaign of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Drought, pollution, and overuse are diminishing already limited freshwater resources.

Gauging just how important water is to our communities may be difficult when it seems that we have plenty of it and we’re not feeling the affects of limited water directly. But the second our water supply is in danger, it is so apparent how critical this natural resource is to our lives, our livelihoods, and our environment including our beloved wildlife.

We don’t have to wait until our own community is in danger of facing a diminished water supply or polluted, unsafe water. There is enough news of this around the world to know that the quality and quantity of our water affects us in significant ways – most notably with our drinking water but also with water used for irrigation and water needed to keep our industry and businesses running.

At Florblanca, we are in tune with water in both grand and very personal ways. We have the Pacific Ocean right at our doorstep, fueling our tropical climate and producing the fauna and wildlife that are so intrinsic to our life here. The ocean’s tides reflect the forces of gravity, motion, and the positions of the sun and moon. It’s temperature and temperament are instrumental in shaping weather patterns and climate. The ocean also provides the stage for our activities, directly through surfing or fishing, or else as the backdrop for our meals, our yoga and Pilates practices, and our rest.

We are also acutely attuned to our freshwater resources and take great care to analyze our usage with the goal of reducing water consumption as much as possible. Here are some of the measures we take to conserve fresh water at Florblanca:

  • UV water purification system to supply clean drinking water at all taps, including sinks and showers
  • Bio-filtration to process and clean all wastewater from the Nectar, which accounts for 25% of the total consumption of the resort
  • Bio-garden irrigation system so we can reuse the treated water in our gardens
  • Pressure regulators on faucets to reduce water consumption
  • Signage in villas and common areas to encourage our guests and visitors to respect our natural resources
  • Recycling and composting throughout the resort

Most recently, Florblanca began working with the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers, a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance. The vision of the Waterkeeper Movement is for swimmable, drinkable, fishable waterways worldwide. The guiding principle of Waterkeepers is that without water, there can be no life, and without clean water, there can be no healthy life.

We are proud to be aligned with such an important and esteemed organization as their first GOLD member. We believe that our sustainability efforts, led by Maricel Segura, partnered with their outreach and education will be a powerful voice in the Waterkeeper Movement.

The Blue Festival held in August, 2015 by the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers was a shining example of how our combined efforts can make a difference. With 3 days of displays and presentations, water-related lectures, sports, music, activities for kids, and more, we were inspired by a very successful turnout and enthusiastic participation from the community.

We are grateful to the Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeepers and the amazing work they’re doing in our area to conserve such an important natural resource before we have the chance to experience the devastating effects of losing it. We are in good hands with an organization and a community that appreciates the need for clean water and the work it takes to conserve it.

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