Practicing With Nature

The cherished leader of Florblanca’s yoga program, Stefano Allegri, talks about his experience with yoga, his own practice, and what he loves about teaching at Florblanca.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What motivated you to come to Costa Rica? How and when did you start teaching yoga at Florblanca?

I am Italian; the motive that brought me to Costa Rica was the fact that Costa Rica has no army.

My first day teaching in Costa Rica was at Florblanca.

We are interested in learning more about your yoga experience: What was your very first introduction to yoga and what inspired you to become a teacher? Where was it that you received your yoga teacher training?

I have been in Costa Rica for many years training with my inspiration from the United States.

But, I have done my teacher training all around the world.

What makes yoga at Florblanca unique?  Tell us more about the location of the classes, when they are offered, and if they are also suitable for beginners?

Florblanca is an amazing hotel; the “Shala” is just in front the ocean.  Everyone truly practices with nature. I teach Monday thru Saturday, and the classes are all levels.

We are curious about your teaching style.  Which type of yoga do you teach/practice and how has your teaching evolved over time? 

My background is from Ashtanga but I am an inspired teacher from Anusara.

I believe yoga is about an open mind, yoga is a practice. The style is not so important.  What matters is to practice with love.

    Florblanca has been hosting yoga retreats in the past – what makes this resort the perfect place to host a retreat?

The location, the ambiance, the contact with the sounds, the smells of the nature, the Shala is so intimate and beautiful.

Now that you have motivated everyone to visit your classes at Florblanca, what do these guests need to bring to your classes?

Just themselves.  The Present moment….. And from that point, we will start the exploration of yoga together.

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