Artist Spotlight: Dayan Alvarado

We make it a priority to support our community here in Costa Rica. Whether it’s education, beach clean-ups, or sponsorships, we believe that we can help make a difference in creating a vibrant and healthy community. The arts are a critical part of this and we are thrilled to support our artists at every opportunity.  When we saw Dayan Alvarado’s artwork, we just knew it would be perfect for our villas.

Florblanca Resort is proud to feature the work of Costa Rican artist, Dayan Alvarado.  His colorful pieces are hanging in our private, beachfront villas and truly enhance the organic, native theme of the villa designs. Dayan Alvarado We recently had the chance to speak with Dayan about his background, his art, and his inspiration. Here is some information about the artist (in Spanish & translated to English) as well as the transcript from our interview:

Artista costarricense nacido en la provincia de Cartago en 1980. Desde muy peque;o demostro interes por crear cosas y el uso de los colores .Su primera obra maestra la creo a su 11 a;os. Aunque su conocimiento ha sido adquirido de manera autodidacta en materia de arte ,su amor y dedicacion por las artes plasticas ha permitido que se mantenga en constante aprendizaje y produccion de sus obras.

Dayan es una persona muy orgullosa de sus raices y origenes por tal razon sus pinturas muestran un reflejo de la cultura costarricense y es algo que quiere compartir y transmitir al resto del mundo con su labor artistica.

A continuacion agregamos una peque;a entrevista para conocer mas detalles de esta gran artista

He was born in Cartago, Costa Rica in 1980. Since he was very young, he was interested in creating things and the use of colors. He made his first master piece when he was 11 years old. He is an autodidact artist but even though he did not assist to art school, his love for painting keeps him learning and producing. He feels very proud about his roots, and his paintings are a reflection of the influence of Costa Rican culture and that is something he wants to share with the rest of the world with his artwork. Below we add a small interview for more details of this great artist

¿Cómo inicia usted en el arte?

Desde niño hacia dibujos en los cuadernos de la escuela, en las esquinas en las hojas de atras, y cuando debía hacer poster siempre trataba de que fueran hermosos y coloridos.

From my childhood… drawing in school notebooks, in the corners leaves, and when he had homeworks always tried to make it beautiful and colorful.

Que motor inspira su obra?

Todo lo que me rodea me inspira de diferentes maneras, las formas, los colores, como da la luz en los objetos, los lugares hermosos, las personas, las historias… Todo me aporta algo de inspiración.

Everything around me inspires me in different ways, shapes, colors, and gives light on objects, beautiful places, people, stories … Everything gives me some inspiration.

¿Se siente que ha logrado sus objetivos?

Mi objetivo en general es ser feliz y cuando pinto lo soy. Osea si!

My overall goal is to be happy and when I paint I am. I mean yes!

¿Cómo formaría usted a nuevos artistas?

Yo soy autodidacta, y no tengo una gran formación, pero si podría ayudar a los artistas a creer en si mismos y amar lo que hacen, a sentirse felices mientras pintan y orgullosos de sus obras.

I am self taught on this, and I never had a great training, but if you could help artists to believe in themselves and love what they do, to feel happy and proud of they paints and works.

¿Cómo definiría usted a su técnica y a su escuela?

Mi técnica es mixta, me gusta el realismo y la abstracción figurativa… esas son las que mas me definen.

My technique is mixed, I like the realism and figurative abstraction … those are the ones I feel define me.

¿Cómo se promociona el arte en su país?

En este país es muy difícil ser artista por que la gente a pesar de apreciar los trabajos no precisamente logran adquirirlos. Pero las exposiciones individuales y grupales son una linda y buena forma de promocionarlos ademas de las redes sociales.

In this country it is very difficult to be an artist because people appreciate art but this does not means people acquire works. But individual and group exhibitions are a pretty good way to promote them and also social networks

¿Que cambios considera que necesita Costa Rica en materia artística?

Costa Rica necesita aprender a apreciar todas las expresiones artísticas un poco mas y el fútbol un poco menos!, impulsar a los artistas con actividades o remuneración, ya que nosotros los artistas aportamos un poco de identidad a nuestro país.

The “ticos” need to learn to appreciate all the expressionsa little more artistic than the football! Impulse the artists with activities or remuneration because we contribute to bring some identity to our country.

¿Qué ha sido el arte en su vida?

El arte en mi vida…. NO… El arte ES mi vida. Es lo que soy, en lo que me destaco y lo que me hace sentirme especial y feliz de ser quien soy.

The art in my life ?…. NO … The art IS my life!. It’s what I am, my spotlight and what makes me feel special and happy to be who I am.

We are certain our guests will enjoy Dayan’s artwork as much as we do.  His creativity, spirit, and unique perspective truly shine through in each piece.  If you have your own questions for Dayan or would like to learn more about him, please let us know!

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