Photo Shoots and Productions

W Magazine recently held a photo shoot for a feature piece (pictured above) in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica at Florblanca Resort for their June 2013 issue!  The shoot featured models Joan Smalls and Liya Kebede with the caption: “Two castaways, a tropical paradise, and trunks full of fabulous clothes. What on earth to do?” See the full spread here.

We were extremely proud to play host to such a professional, elegant, and adventurous photo shoot.  The models, the designer clothing, the lush tropical rainforest, the ocean, and the textures of our beaches combined to make this feature truly mesmerizing.

Florblanca is an ideal venue for professional photo shoots and productions.  Our staff has a great deal of experience in working with production crews to make the project run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our private villa accommodations, world class amenities, and fresh, local food prepared on site by our chefs all help to make the production a success. We strive to ensure that the comforts, needs, and desires of everyone involved are met to the best of our abilities and resources.

We encourage you to contact us to inquire about holding your next photo shoot or production at our resort. We are confident you’ll fall in love with the setting, the accommodations, and our staff!  

Where We Belong


Where We Belong: Pete

“For me it’s a wild place that calls you out of yourself and into the world full of wonder” As the staff photographer for Florblanca, Santa Teresa has been my hidden treasure for years. This community is special to say the least. With my boys growing up and time slipping by, I knew now is […]

Pete Artemenko | Florblanca Photographer

Where We Belong: Raul Castro

“I started washing dishes for Florblanca many years ago” Rual’s story is one of our amazing employees’ stories. He started willing to put in time and learn and has made strides each and every day. If we can learn anything from Rual, it would be don’t be afraid of humble beginnings, because you will eventually […]


Where We Belong: Stefano

“Being a father gave me the opportunity to completely open my heart.”   The spirit of Florblanca here in Costa Rica is channeled through the jungle and wildlife that envelops us, through the ocean that is ever-present, and through the people that bring all this beauty to life.  And Stefano sits at the heart and […]

Stefano and Ashoa

Celebrate Your Journey Together

  It’s so easy to get lost in our busy lives. With all the details of our day-to-day existence, we can easily lose the connection with our true passion, our energy, and our spirit.   This lost connection can be magnified to even greater degrees when we’re in a relationship.  The journey we’re on together loses […]