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Yoga with Stefano

Located in one of the happiest and healthiest areas on the planet, Florblanca is the perfect spot for a wellness vacation. Set on seven lush acres looking out to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the setting alone is enough to allow you to unwind, take a deep breath, and disconnect. But beyond the setting, Florblanca offers a lot for those travelers looking to relax, get healthy, get fit, and return home feeling better than when you arrived.

With Yoga, Pilates, Acupuncture, A beautiful spa, a health conscious restaurant, an untouched beach, stunning sunsets and much more, we encourage those travelers looking for a complete wellness get away to explore it all at Florblanca.

Our Top 5 things to enjoy on your wellness vacation at Florblanca

  • YOGA – Yoga has been part of Florblanca’s culture since we opened our doors, and with our ocean facing studio and world class instructor, Florblanca Yoga is simply the best in Costa Rica.  Stefano has been with us for many years, and has something special to offer in each class.  His practice takes you beyond a physical challenge and into a spiritual place making your soul smile.  His classes are full of challenging poses, requests to smile at your neighbor sitting next to you, meaningful messages of love, and a long shivasana making the challenge well worth it.  Stefano teaches group morning classes except on Sundays and his classes are a mix of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow.  In addition, he highly enjoys teaching private classes. Learn more about Yoga at Florblanca.

  • PILATES – Pilates is another aspect of Florblanca that allows our guests to move, sweat, and flow inside and out.  We offer Pilates mat classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in our studio looking out to the ocean.  We also have a second Pilates studio fully equipped with machines, and a few excellent instructors eager to train you in private or semiprivate sessions. Learn more about Pilates at Florblanca.

  • SPA – Our Spa Bambu offers the ultimate in relaxation.  With four treatments rooms and plenty of delicious treatments to choose from, it will be a special part to your wellness get away.  One of our “must try” treatments is the Hot Tropics….This full body treatment is a pleasure for the senses. First, you will receive a full body exfoliation with coffee, coconut and orange essential oils leaving the body relaxed, hydrated, and soaked with natural vitamins and minerals. After a warm shower, you will indulge in a full body hot stone massage to melt away any stress and tension. Visit our Spa Bambu.

  • ACUPUNCTURE – Located in a one road town in Costa Rica, one wouldn’t imagine we have access to a real Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor.  We do, and she is wonderful.  With over ten years of experience, Lori Vince is a key ingredient to a wellness vacation for those travelers looking to heal physically or emotionally.  She is happy to treat our clients in our spa or at her own private clinic in town.

  • WALKING – Playa Santa Teresa is a long beach just a few steps south of Florblanca.  It is white sand, clear water, and most days has very few people on it.  With morning fog rising off the ocean, crystal clear waves rolling in, and the warm sun rising over the jungle filled mountain side, an early walk is spectacular.  We recommend this at low tide.

See more activities at Florblanca including surfing, horseback riding, and stand up paddleboarding.

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