One of the Top 5 ‘Greenest’ Countries

If you’re looking for a place to experience eco-travel at its best, look no further than Costa Rica. According to a recent study conducted by two leading universities, Costa Rica was ranked as the fifth ‘greenest’ country in the world.

As a premier Costa Rica resort, we are thrilled to have this distinction, and hope it will inspire other nations to improve their efforts to become more environmentally-conscious.

The study, known as the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) 2012, ranked countries on various energy, water, pollution and climate-related criteria. Costa Rica was the only Central American country to make the EPI’s top 10 – yet another reason to choose this beautiful place for your eco-friendly vacation!

Florblanca proudly reinforces ‘green’ living through sustainable, low-consumption practices. If you’re interested in booking an eco-friendly vacation, call Florblanca today: 011-506-2640-0232.

Where We Belong


Where We Belong: Pete

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Pete Artemenko | Florblanca Photographer

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Where We Belong: Stefano

“Being a father gave me the opportunity to completely open my heart.”   The spirit of Florblanca here in Costa Rica is channeled through the jungle and wildlife that envelops us, through the ocean that is ever-present, and through the people that bring all this beauty to life.  And Stefano sits at the heart and […]

Stefano and Ashoa

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