Costa Rica Eco-Travel

With its tropical forests, natural beauty and warm, sandy beaches, Costa Rica is a favorite destination for many eco-travelers.

Eco-travel or eco-tourism is defined as:

Responsible travel to fragile, pristine and often protected areas while making a low ecological impact.

A environmentally-friendly alternative to standard commercial tourism, eco-travel is gaining popularity throughout the world. There are several ways you can make your vacation more eco-friendly. A few examples include:

  • eating at restaurants that use locally-sourced food
  • visiting native sites and landmarks
  • participating in minimally-invasive activities such as hiking or horseback riding
  • staying in a lodging facility that offers sustainable practices

At Florblanca, it’s easy to enjoy luxury accommodations while leaving a small ecological footprint. We are proud to hold the coveted 4 Leaves Sustainability Certificate of Sustainable Tourism from the Costa Rica Tourist Board. This certificate reflects the many sustainable practices that can be found at Florblanca. From recycling and water purification to energy conservation and community involvement, Florblanca is dedicated to maintaining an environmentally-friendly presence. The restaurant at Florblanca, Nectar, makes every effort to use locally grown, organic food and even grows what they can, including herbs and vegetables, in a greenhouse on-site. Our staff can also assist visitors with making travel plans and suggesting eco-friendly tourist destinations. See these related posts to get a few ideas for your Costa Rica eco-traveling experience:

We invite you to contact us directly to learn more about our dedication to Costa Rica eco-travel.

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