Education and Accessibility


Water Refills

Education and Accessibility

Florblanca Sustainability

Sharing our Knowledge and Experience

In order to educate our guests and make our sustainbility efforts accessible, we take actions to provide information, support, and resources about this campaign.

Guest Information – We have a Villa Log which provides the guest with general information on everything related to sustainability and local history, making it a means for our guests to have a more personalized information. 

Information Board – Our information billboard has become a place to communicate and share our knowledge, experiences and opinions of our guests, visitors and staff.

Water Refills – Throughout the hotel we have additional water tanks for filling up your own water bottle. We strive to avoid plastic water bottles.

Friendly Reminders – There are messages and friendly reminders throughout the hotel to create awareness of electricity and water conservation for our staff and our guests.

Bicycle Transportation – We provide our guests with bicycles to be used as transportation in order to prevent greenhouse gas emissions.

Awareness Campaigns – We create different awareness campaigns in the community to prevent the hunting of wild species and encourage the protection of their habitats.

Supporting local businesses

Companies Who Care -We study and review the characteristics of the products consumed in the hotel and the sustainability value they have. We are constantly searching for companies committed to the environment and the community in which they operate when we are choosing products to purchase and use.

Buy Local – We have come to recognize a market for local and organic products that provide us with many of our fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products.

Promote Local – Our gift shop offers a wide range of handmade articles in order to promote local artwork and artists.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – We have an internal system of reuse and recovery of packaging. Our suppliers of fruit and vegetables, cleaning and grooming products participate as well.

Biodegradable Packaging – The “takeout” packaging and straws in the restaurant are made of biodegradable materials.

Organic – Certified organic coffee and teas are offered in the restaurant and gift shop. We also strive to sell certified organic produce, fruit, vegetables, free-range chicken, local pork, and sustainable fish in our Nectar Restaurant when available 

Sustainable Seafood – In support of the 8436 Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture, CR, we serve sustainably sourced seafood and do not serve endangered, vulnerable or threatened species.

Lawful – We do not sell products that are forbidden by law, or contraband materials of false origin.